This session aims to provide health and safety guidelines for protection against COVID-19 for employees going back to work.

Welcome to YC Campus E-Learning! In this section, you will go through Mastering Yellow Cab Standards. Topics include:

1. Company Orientation

2. Menu Familiarization

3. Kitchen Essentials

4. Food Safety

5. SBU Brand Service

At the end of the course, you will take a short quiz (do your best!). Once you have accomplished all the tasks in this section, you will now be eligible to attend the following classroom sessions of Mastering Yellow Cab Shift Supervision:

6. Leadership Fundamentals

7. Coaching Made Easy

8. Fundamentals of Shift Management

9. Shift Management: Floor Control

Please note that the files available here are only for the use of Shift Managers and up. These files must NOT be downloaded or reproduced in any way. Please also note that these are the handout versions.

*For access code, please email

Data Protection: Are You Ready To Defend Our Information?

 The volume of sensitive and confidential information MGI employees and partners handle each day places everyone on the front lines of data protection. Proper handling of such information is critical to our compliance with laws and regulations on the treatment of customer data and crucial for the protection of our proprietary information and materials.

Protecting information of the enterprise and its customers is a responsibility MGI takes very seriously. Maintaining our commitment won’t happen without your help.