This learning program is designed to provide learning and development activities that enable individual contributors or team members to do the following:

  1. Show excellence in work performance with high levels of self-efficiency and drive.
  2. Foster good working interrelationships with their peers and their customers by showing CARE and respect.
  3. Teach colleagues to execute job standards and processes after mastering their own roles as active members of their team.
  4. Lead others by leading themselves.

This course aims to allow participants to:

- Explain MGI's mission, vision and core values

- Describe the different brands in the MGI portfolio

- Understand the MGI strategy map

- Identify organizational leaders and the organizational structure

This course is intended for participants to:

  • Understand the impact of change
  • Identify and differentiate types of change
  • Examine individual patterns of change
  • Identify attitudes toward change
  • Understand our reactions to change and what influence them
  • Learn to manage change more effectively
  • Understand and learn what it takes to be open to change

This course contains classroom training courses taken outside e-learning.

Provides an overview of coaching based on the GROW model.

Enhance customer-service attitudes by enabling trainees to:

  1. Take time to know their customers, and anticipate their needs
  2. Identify ways to show delight and CARE to the customer
  3. Treat all customers with respect and consideration
  4. Increase internal customer satisfaction by contributing to favorable customer feedback and service level feedback scores

Build peer and customer relationships through effective interaction skills; specifically trainees should be able to use these skills to:

  1. Resolve conflicts
  2. Discuss major challenges
  3. Set expectations
  4. Delegate important responsibilities
  5. Conduct discussions in which they need to clarify the situation, develop ideas and agree on actions

A course that aims to inspire individual contributors to envision the type of leaders they would one day become, and to start early in building the following skills that build both practical business needs and people's personal needs:

  1. Maintain and enhance self-esteem
  2. Listen and respond with empathy
  3. Ask for help and encourage involvement
  4. Share thoughts, feelings and rationale
  5. Provide support without removing responsibility

Trainees are expected to understand the core values and exhibit behavior indicators that allow them to:

1. Understand MGI shared values, and how they relate to the business

2. Examine individual core values through awareness of self, relationships and the environment.

3. Describe the nature of different work and customer relationships, and discuss how to create win-win situations.

4. Discuss ways of living shared values in the workplace.